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Website Proofing

One of the many obstacles I have come up against when designing websites for clients is they naturally tend to focus on how the design appears on their own PC, and require a little convincing that the wider world of web users, particularly their current or potential clients, may be seeing something a little different due to the wide variety of PC screens (monitors) and browsers in use. » Read in full

Latest Website Design Work

Its been a while since I have had time to post an update (how many posts start this way I wonder?) – anyway, we have been mostly busy with work from existing clients with only a few new projects to report – sign of the times I guess. » Read in full

Save 4kb on every JPEG web image

4kb – thats quite a bit for web images. Here is a quick tip to reduce your JPEG images by 4kb each at a minimum. For larger images, the file size reduction is greater. » Read in full

Spambots, CAPTCHAs and Honeypots

Spambots are automated programs (like search engine spiders) that scour the internet – these bots however ignore all the rules and look specifically for website forms to fill-in with malicious content (links to porn or viagra sites, malware downloads, password phishing sites, etc). They are a growing menace, and for website contact forms can produce a huge amount of spam email to the website owner. » Read in full

Optimum Size for Website Design

This is and will be an ever-changing consideration, but research has shown that the current optimum width is 960px or thereabouts, and the average page-fold is 700px. While it is important to keep the primary page content above the fold, users are happy to scroll down to additional content if the visual clues are there to encourage them, so don’t try to cram everything in at the top. » Read in full


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